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Doug Sanders 678-614-4226

We have had a number of contractors doing work at our house over the years and I have never felt inclined to recommend any of them. Doug Sanders is different. Doug did a complete and very successful remodel of our master bathroom. And he did most of the work – only the vanity top and shower glass were handled by specialists recommended by him. And everything was a fair price. He is attentive to detail, he has good ideas (it is worthwhi1le listening to him) and it was clear that there are many years of experience to back him up. And he has the support of Ed – Doug’s right-hand man and friend – who is always making sure that everything needed is at hand. It was a pleasure dealing with Doug and Ed. And the result speaks for itself -our new bathroom is great! Friends that have seen the bathroom have commented on the workmanship, especially Doug’s tiling. We are happy to recommend Doug Sanders Construction!
10/18/2010 owl4843

We spent alot of time looking for a quality contractor who could offer us a good price and quality work. We were fine with spending a little bit more to get a good contractor but fortunately a friend of mine suggested contacting Doug. WE GOT BOTH!. Doug and Ed came in and wasted no time in getting our bathroom the way we wanted. They were efficient and thorough with their work. No problems and no issues.I would absolutely recommend Sanders Construction to anyone. Plus Doug makes one heck of a mean Sweet Potatoe Pie. Doug helped us out alot with the price and backs his work.Excellent choice,thanks Doug and Ed!!
11/24/2010 bigd012

Doug came to my home on a Sunday to take of the varied jobs I needed help with. He completed them all in record time - from fixing a window leak, repairing dry wall and painting to minor plumbing. I was amazed he could do all those different jobs, but he did. I would highly recommend his work and price!
1/24/2011 mclifford

I had two double windows replaced, plus some rotted trim replaced. Doug quoted a good price, I know because I compared it to a quote from another contractor. Even with the special order windows, the snow, and the cold, he still got the job done quickly and it looks great. Doug and helper actually did the work, no sub-contractor. Recommended
2/9/2011 p60KbbXT
Doug Sanders is different...
Thank You Doug!!!!
Super Service, Super Nice.
Great price, and a great job completed quickly.